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Skillplay Space Champ is an initiative by skillplay education to help students learn about space and satellites from a young age. In this course, satellite prototypes called PlaySAT - a nanosatellite will be given to students. They will be taught to program the  PlaySAT which will then be launched into space on a sub-orbital mission in a Sounding rocket. Live tracking and data will be transmitted live and shared with the students. It’s one of the most cost-effective space missions in the world.

Students will get access to space like never before. This will help them to start their Space research at a young age, rather it will act as their first step into space and space research.

About this Course:

In this course, students will be provided with a hardware kit (PlaySAT Kit). 8 sessions will be provided to all students where the students will be trained to program the nanosatellite. The programmed PlaySAT hardware should be sent back to skillplay education. Skillplay education will integrate all the hardware to a master computer which will be then launched to sub orbit using a sounding rocket

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Introduction to satellites
  2. Coding basics
  3. Microcontroller Programming
  4. Introduction to space
  5. Introduction to Suborbital Launch
  6. Introduction to Sounding Rocket
  7. Introduction to space launch
  8. Mission Control basics

Course Details:

  • Audience: Ages 7-18
  • Curriculum Length: 8 Sessions - 2 sessions/week
  • Prior Knowledge: None!


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