Mobile App - Level 3

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Build your app by simply dragging and dropping your favorite components and connecting them together with blocks. No code needed. Pull your idea together, block by block for Google Play and App Store

About the Course:

This course is about building complex apps with Thunkable by dragging and dropping different logical components as if they were blocks. Using these building blocks is reminiscent of the visual programming language known as Scratch, which is largely an educational tool that creates limited logic and helps teach some basic coding. At the end of this course, you will build an app for Visually Impaired. 

Course Details:

  • No of Days: 8 days, 2 sessions/week
  • Timing: 3 pm to 7 pm (5 slots to choose)
  • Age Group: 11+


  1. Introduction to Thunkable Platform
  2. Text to Speech App
  3. Translator App
  4. Image Recognition
  5. Listing Data in the App
  6. Navigating Screens
  7. Create Counter App
  8. Build and Publish App

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