Creativity & Drawing for Confidence

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Spark your creativity with drawing. An activity that has shown to increase self-esteem, develop greater self-awareness and increase confidence level. Designed to be fun and inspiring, with easy-to-follow instructions. In this course, we will be learning the basics of drawing techniques using lines, curves, shapes and shading. we will also be learning to draw any object in real-time and from photos. At the end of this course, we will create stickers with the drawing. Also, students can apply the knowledge gained in this course to create unique masterpieces.

Learning outcomes:
1. How to hold the pencil, shading, curves, and lines
2. Outline, edges, and background
3. Draw anything using shapes
4. Creating depth
5. Understanding eye level/perspective
6. Draw an object using all the fundamentals
7. Draw simple objects
8. Make stickers with your drawings

Materials required for drawing:

Paper/ sketchbook, HB pencil, Eraser.

For sticker: Marker, Color pencils/sketch pens, lamination sheet/transparent tape, baking paper, glue stick.


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