Chess for Beginners - Level 2

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From knowing how the pieces move to learning strategies and Tactics. You will be able to gain skill to play in competitive matches in this 8 week course. Checkmating the King in the endgame and learning good ways to open a chess game. This course is for students who has basic knowledge of chess / piece movements.

About the Course:

Learn all the rules of the game, including special moves, understand important checkmate techniques, learn about the opening, middle-game and endgame. Master the essential tactics and strategies and many more secrets of chess!

Learning Outcome:

  • Basic checkmate with 2 rooks 
  • Opening Play How to develop the knights & Bishops
  • Basic check mates with queen
  • Castling and developing the queen 
  • Tactics Knight Fork & double attack by a pawn
  • Captures / attacking an undefended piece / pawn 
  • Skewer / discovered attack double check
  • Scholars checkmate / Fools checkmate
  • Attack and defense
  • Stalemate and other types of draw
  • Identify Threats  ( Mating threats, Tactical threats)
  • Endgame play with pawns
  • Analysis of Junior games feedback on good moves made and missed Rook endgames
  • Middle game play  Opening up the position
  • Tips for thinking ahead in chess 

Course Details:

Audience: 7 - 11 yrs
Curriculum Length: 16 sessions
Session Length: 1hour (30mins learning & 30mins practice)
Session Frequency: 2 Sessions/Week
Prerequisites: Knowledge of how pieces move

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