Modern Calligraphy

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Introduce your child to calligraphy, and you’ll open him up to a world of penmanship, which is especially important in a time when cursive writing is being eliminated from public schools. Children will also learn to work with dynamic and somewhat unforgiving drawing media and gain first-hand experience in the history of fancy writing.

~Basic calligraphy strokes and drills
~Uppercase alphabets
~Lowercase alphabets
~Connecting alphabets
~Days in a week
~Months in a year
~Names of colors

~ Gift tags
~ wrapping paper
~ watercolor splash greeting cards
~ chalkboard art
~ journaling
~ scrapbooking

Calligraphy supplies
~Sketch pad (unruled)
~Graph paper
~Tracing paper
~Brush pen
~Fine tip pen
~Cellulose sheet

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