18 Amazing Facts about Burj Khalifa | The world's tallest building

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Engineering is art, and the living examples to prove this is the standing structures built by humans. How many of you have wondered looking at the 7 wonders of the world? Almost all of us. These monuments show the pure form of Engineering and paved the path for its growth in coming times. In the pre

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Best online courses for kids in 2021

Best online courses for kids

Learning never ends. If it ends, life is no more fun for anyone. You learn a lot of things in a day from your friends, kids, or even pets for that matter. Even searching for the best online courses for your kids in Google is learning which you recently acquired from somewhere. You have learned that

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Future Champ - Online Quiz Championship for Kids

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You have been all ears to the fact that there is new technology being created at a whim, in every minute, on every stage, during this new era of the online world. Now, why are we talking about these new technologies penetrating the industry through every possible way there is? Let me give you som

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5 reasons why coding is important for young minds


What is coding?  In simple words, coding is a medium of communication between you and your computer. With the advancement in technology, there are inventions of several coding languages to communicate by making functions and commands according to your needs. Coding enables young minds to bui

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